Put Bernie Anywhere’, Top 30 Viral Memes of Bernie Sander’s Meme Generator

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  • POSTED ON: January 22, 2021

President Joe
Biden’s inauguration was historic in more ways than imagined, and the most
obvious reason is Bernie Sanders. Yes – Uncle Bernie went viral after he got
captured sitting comfortably in a folder chair wearing his revolutionary
mittens. Honestly, those mittens have the potential to stop war, cure cancer,
and eradicate hunger.

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Okay, with
jokes aside, the image of him wearing the thrifty jacket and adorable mittens
went viral as soon as it got posted on the internet. It became the topic of
discussion at a time Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was taking their oath and that
is saying something. He completely sidelined Jennifer Lopez who was all dressed
in Chanel. And that, dear friends, is called power!

Anyway, the
internet went mad after the image got viral and now Uncle Bernie can be seen
sitting literally anywhere and everywhere. He’s been seen posing with Beyoncé,
Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, and between Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. He can be
seen sitting casually at Philadelphia Music of Art and the Green Dragon

And you know
what? He can sit outside your house too! Basically, a programmer has started a
unique website – you simply need to punch in your address or any place you’d
like to see him sitting.  

The website
seeks help from Google Maps’ Street View (via Android Central). So, go ahead
and type in your desired location and click on the confirmation to get the

This meme
generator was made by NYU masters student Nick Sawhney. But here’s the thing,
it’s still in the initial phases and quite raw. Hence, you might have issues
related to its pace when there’s a lot of traffic. And you know, we’re partly
to be blamed because we can’t stop using the site for our usual shenanigans!

You can
donate a couple of bucks to Sawhney if you wish for the site to improve and
give you a better experience!

Check out our
top 30 viral memes created by this fascinating Bernie Sanders’ meme generator!

let us know your favorite
memes of Bernie!

Updated January 22, 2021
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