Billionaire Buffett Exchanges Old Flip Phone for iPhone

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  • POSTED ON: February 25, 2020

The debate of Samsung vs. iPhone is a permanent part of the online culture where every user tries to share their own experience and diss the other company for their features.

Source: iDrop News

Well, while we are living in 2020, the richest businessman in the world, Warren Buffett, who owns 5.6 per cent shares of Apple’s stock was still in 2009 using his Samsung flip phone. And no, it wasn’t the Foldable or Z flip we have seen quite recently. It was your old-school $20 SCH-U320.

However, he has finally decided to upgrade and has shown his trust in Apple by getting the new iPhone 11. The model has not been revealed yet, but the investment guru has said goodbye to his old partner for good.

“My flip phone is permanently gone,” said Buffett. He also told CNBC that he did not buy the device himself and it was Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO who finally convinced him to upgrade and gifted the model to Buffett. 

Source: Business Insider

In an interview with Bloomberg in 2018, Cook said that he would carry out all the tech support required for the iPhone himself if Buffett agreed to switch. Buffett says that he only uses his phone for calls and also owns an iPad which is essential for carrying out stock research.

Whether it was the lack of trust in Apple’s security system or simply his own attachment to old phones, we’ll never know, but Apple investor Buffett has stepped right into the iCloud game, gaining some points for the users in favour of iPhones.  

Updated February 25, 2020
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