Foreign tourists found self-isolating in an Indian cave

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  • POSTED ON: April 27, 2020

Due to the Coronavirus, people have taken up the necessary measures prescribed by the doctors. Hence, they stay at home, wear facemasks and gloves when they go out, and wash their hands every twenty minutes or so. However, a rather strange approach has been witnessed in India. Six foreign tourists have been found hiding in a cave in the Indian Territory.

The tourists – four men and two women from France, Turkey, Ukraine, the United States and Nepal, were staying at a hotel initially. However, when the lockdown extended, they ran out of money which is why they decided to take refuge in the cave. They stayed there for nearly a month. Upon discovery on Sunday, they were quarantined at an ashram.

“They had been living in the cave since March 24, the police found them on Sunday and moved them to Swarg Ashram near Rishikesh, we have asked them to self-quarantine for two weeks as a precaution but the group seemed healthy.” Mukesh Chand (spokesperson for the Uttarkhand police) told CNN.

As per the orders by the state officials, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, foreigners have been banned from gates of Uttarkhand since March 20th.

Source: Daily Sabah

Hence, these tourists have since been rationing their money to purchase food and other items.

India is the fifth biggest economy and the second-most populous country in the world. It fears that if the Coronavirus problem escalates, it doesn’t have the medical staff and other necessities to bring control. Therefore, ever since the outbreak, the Prime Minister of the country has imposed a rigid lockdown that only allows essential services to stay operational. The lockdown has been extended till May 4th.

A website called stranded in India has been launched by India to rescue and help foreigners in the country for the time being.

Updated April 27, 2020
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