Gen Z’s Popular Discord App Gets A Family Center Feature!

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  • POSTED ON: May 24, 2023

People, are you enjoying your time on the Discord app lately? Everything is pretty cool, right? Though we love to bring you good news. But the recent update has rolled out in favor of parents. Yes, you’ve read it correctly. 

Gen Z’s perfect spot for Facetiming, chatting, and streaming is allowing parents to take control over their children’s activities. Now, is this a good move or a bad one? Or what does Discord have to say? How about we discuss all such queries and concerns in this blog? So, embrace yourself and let’s get ahead with this thread. 

Discord: Chat, Connect, & Conquer Together!

Discord is everyone’s new hanging spot. Imagine it as a digital clubhouse where you can chat, play games, watch movies, and connect with friends. Further, with many servers, you can enjoy almost every interest. 

But why do Gen Z people adore it so much? Well, Discord is like the ultimate blend of socializing and geekiness. It’s the perfect place to find like-minded folks who share your passions. You can discuss the latest trends, show off your creative projects, or have a good old chat.

Gen Z’s Popular Discord App Gets A Family Center Feature!

And here’s the cherry on top: Discord levels up your friendship game! You can voice chat, video call, or even share your screen to make hanging out feel super real. Plus, it has cool features like emojis, gifs, and fun bots to add excitement to your conversations.

Lastly, who doesn’t love engaging in multi-player games 24/7? So, understanding the obsession for this application is pretty easy now, right?

New Update: The Modern-Day Parent Trap!

All we want is to access our favorite apps without having a parent spectating our activities. And the similar thing that happened to Snapchat and Instagram is now happening to Discord. So, what is this modern-day parent trap about? Let’s discuss this. 

Though it might not be sounding appealing. But when it comes to privacy issues online, we’ve got a lot to keep our eye on. Thus, in a way, having a parent watch over your online history isn’t that bad. 

Plus, Discord has provided a breakthrough; your parents will only see what you’re doing rather than know the context. So, chill, don’t lose your cool yet! Besides, leaving minors on such a global app without any supervision feels shady, too. 

Implementation Of The New Family Feature

The new feature is called ‘Family Center,’ but it’s currently being tested in Discord’s iOS app in the US. With this addition, parents will access tools to see detailed insight into their children’s activities on the app. We’ve listed a few more details regarding the update below; 

  • The option is available in the app’s User Settings section. It is located below the  Privacy & Safety and Profiles sections. 
  • Parents can view the names and avatars of their teens’ recently added friends. Other than that, accessing servers and other users’ avatars or names is also possible. 
  • Also, while parents can access information about their teen’s activities, Discord stops them from viewing the content of chats. 
  • Similar to TikTok, parents can scan a QR code provided by the teen to put the teen’s account under their supervision.
  • Overall, the Family Center is designed to provide parents with a chance to know their teens better. And by siding with parents, Discord can promote positive online behaviors. 

History Of Social Apps Adding Parent Supervision

Giving parents access to spectate their children’s activities is not new for apps. That’s why Discord has followed a similar path laid down by popular apps a while ago. So, to provide you with an insight into that, we’ve listed a few similarities below; 

Discord & Snapchat

  • Discord and Snapchat’s parental controls give an insight into who interacts with whom. But avoid revealing the content. Further, parents can see the avatars and usernames of added friends. 

Gen Z’s Popular Discord App Gets A Family Center Feature!

Discord & Other Social Apps

  • Additionally, other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are floating in the same boat. But before you start considering this initiative negative, such measures against children’s online safety are necessary! Thus, it doesn’t matter who sets the trend first; as long as others follow, we’re in good hands! 

The Current Status Of Discord

Since we’re about to sum up this blog, here’s an overview of the current status of Discord amid the new family feature update. 

Discord has avoided the scrutiny and regulatory attention faced by other social media apps. Though these apps have reported cases of teens being in danger before. But Discord remains content. 

Gen Z’s Popular Discord App Gets A Family Center Feature!

Further, Discord has received several warnings from child safety experts and law enforcement. In response, the platform is providing users with an online safety center. But still, the tools are missing for parents to monitor their child’s activity or block them from suspicious servers. 

Our Call

Discord is the new sensation of Gen Z. But some users might not be happy with the new changes. However, we need to appreciate Discord’s initiative regardless since online platforms are not completely safe for minors. So, let’s see where this road goes. 

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Updated May 24, 2023
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