iPhone 12 Pro vs Pro Max: Which One Has Better Features, Price, and Reviews! (A Complete Guide)

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  • POSTED ON: December 24, 2020

Are you a tech enthusiast who’s looking to upgrade your iPhone? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place because we’re about to dive into one of the most comprehensive comparisons of Apple’s latest two phones, that is iPhone 12 Pro vs Pro Max.

We’re going to dig deep into both iPhone features, price, and reviews, so you can make the right choice when making the final decision and purchase. Even if you’re not looking to buy an iPhone and are here just to brush up on your knowledge about the latest releases, that’s fine too. So here we go.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

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According to reviews of the iPhone 12 Pro on CNET, the phone offers the maximum benefits at a lower price. If you’re looking to get all the hardware benefits of the iPhone Pro Max but in the body of iPhone 12, which is a little smaller, then iPhone 12 Pro is your best option. You don’t have to make up your mind just yet, because we’re going to discuss it in a lot more detail.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

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The iPhone 12 Pro Max offers all the latest and the greatest new features introduced by Apple. Whether you’re a photographer, a gamer, or a binge-watcher, it’s the perfect phone for you. But again, as we said before, don’t make the final decision before going through this guide, that compares the specs and features of these two phones.

iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro: Price

There’s a huge difference between the prices of these two phones by Apple. The iPhone 12 Pro costs at least $999 for 128 GB of storage space. If you upgrade it to 256GB, it’ll increase the price by $1.099. Lastly, the 512GB version of the iPhone 12 Pro is priced at $1,299. For iPhone 12 Pro Max, the pricing is similar, 128GB is for $1,099, with every upgrade it gets a hundred dollars more expensive. 256GB costs $1,249 and 512GB costs $1,449.

While the 128GB baseline is a big improvement from 64GB, we think it’s still the worst value. If you’re okay with finding a middle ground, then the 256GB option on either phone is fine but if you’re looking to get the most out of your iPhone, we suggest you go with the 512GB version in whichever phone you decide to buy.

iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro: Design

The phone design can be a big determinant in helping you decide whether you want it or not. If you’re looking for a phone that’s easier to hold with one hand and is on the smaller side, then the iPhone 12 Pro might be a good option. It has a 6.1-inch display in a design that measures 5.78 x 2.82 x 0.29 inches, besides that its weight is also pretty nominal at 6.6 ounces.

On the other hand, iPhone 12 Pro Max is a beast of a phone. It’s taller, wider, and heavier than the iPhone 12 Pro, with a 6.7-inch display and design measures of 6.33 x 3.07 x 0.29 inches. It weighs around 8.03 ounces. This bigger iPhone is the perfect choice for people who enjoy big immersive displays and don’t mind holding the phone in both their hands.

Overall, both phones have sleek flat edges and a ceramic shield display that’s supposed to have a better drop performance than the previous models. The phones also have a little bit of bling to them with a polished stainless-steel band, running along the phone’s sides.

iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro: Displays

According to the reviews of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, both phones have OLED displays that are some of the best among all the phones Apple has ever released. The only difference in the displays of iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max is the size. Besides that, they both have bright and colorful panels. The bigger size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s display does give it an edge over iPhone 12 Pro in the sense that it’s best for reviewing documents, watching videos on the go, and playing games.

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According to an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max review, both phones match in terms of color reproduction. After a few tests were conducted on the phones, it states that iPhone 12 Pro has a bit brighter display of 742 nits, whereas iPhone 12 Pro Max only has 654 nits.

iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro: Cameras

Both phones have triple rear cameras and have all of Apple’s latest photography updates such as night mode portraits and smart HDR 3. This helps users capture amazing pictures, even in tricky lighting. Moreover, both phones offer Dolby Vision video recording in 4k. While the main camera recipe is the same, there are a few differences in these phones’ cameras.

image credit: Gizmochina

iPhone 12 Pro Max has a larger main wide camera sensor than that of iPhone 12 Pro. This lets in more light in the camera, which helps capture better photos. Moreover, it also has a more powerful zoom.

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iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro: Performance

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max have the same spec and that’s why their performance is also pretty much on the same level. Both phones are powered by the 5nm A14 Bionic chip and 6GB of RAM.

There have been many reviews on the iPhone and iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. These review pages conduct their tests on the phones. One of these pages measures the overall performance of the phones on Geekbench 5. According to this review, the iPhone 12 Pro got a score of 1,585 while iPhone 12 Pro Max got 1,503 which is almost similar. The 4k video was transcoded on Adobe Premiere which took 27 seconds for iPhone 12 Pro and 28.5 seconds for iPhone Pro Max. These tests prove that both phones have comparable performances.

iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro: Battery Life

Now the last piece of the puzzle is the battery life; this feature changes your decision completely as everyone wants a phone that can last for at least a day or more. Well, here you go. The battery size for iPhone 12 Pro is 2815 mAh and for iPhone 12 Pro Max, it’s 3,687 mAh. This has to be one of the biggest differences between the phones besides the size.

image credit: Notebookcheck

iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 12 Pro: Bottom Lime

Now to the final verdict, but before we say anything, remember that ultimately it’s your decision to make. According to us both, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are great phones but we believe that they are meant for different kinds of users. Both phones have the same display quality, camera, and performance; the only difference is in the price, size, and battery life.

If you’re someone who’s looking for a simple gadget to shoot some beautiful pictures, read books, and connect with others, then iPhone 12 Pro is your perfect match. However, if you love playing games, watching videos and want a widescreen, then we suggest you go iPhone 12 Pro Max.

On that note, good luck finding the perfect phone for yourself.

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Updated December 24, 2020
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