Google Doodle| Dr. Wu Lien-teh| 10 Interesting Facts You Need to Know

March 10 - Google Doodle!Today, Google Doodle is celebrating and has dedicated a doodle to celebrate the 142nd birthday of a Chinese Malaysian epidemiologist Dr. Wu Lien-teh, who invented a surgical face mask (that are not being used with Covid-19 vaccine) to combat against a deadly virus in China.Thanks to him, his invention is still relevant in today’s age when the world is fighting against yet another deadly pandemic: Covid-19. Here are 10 interesting facts about Dr. Wu Lien-teh and his significant invention:He was born into a family of Chinese immigrants in Penang, MalayaRelated: DECEMBER GLOBAL HOLIDAYS| DECEMBER HOLIDAYS 2020 GOOGLE DOODLE| 26+ BEST MP3S FOR THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!Wu was born in one of the three towns of the Straits Settlement, Penang. The town was part of the colonies of the United Kingdom. His father was a goldsmith and an immigrant from Taishan, China, while his mother’s family belonged to China and was from Hakka heritage. Wu had ten siblings, four brothers and six sisters.He received his early education from the Penang Free School.Wu won the Queen’s ScholarshipWith the Queen’s Scholarship, Wu enrolled in Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 1896. He was a really smart student and won several prizes and scholarships at the university.Related: EVERYTHING TO KNOW ABOUT STAMEN GRIGOROV AND HIS YOGURT DISCOVERY. He was a student of the first British Nobel Laureate, Sir Ronald RossHe spent his initial undergraduate clinical years at St Mary’s Hospital, London and later continued his studies at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine under the mentorship of Sir Ronald Ross. Sir Ronald Ross received a Nobel Prize for his work on the transmission of Malaria. Dr. Wu Lien Teh’s wife was a daughter of a revolutionary Chinese leaderAfter returning to the Straits Settlement in 1903, Wu married Ruth Shu-chiung Huang, who was a daughter of Wong Nai Siong, a Chinese revolutionary leader and educator who had migrated to the area from 1901 to 1906.Wu Lien Teh’s Wife was related to Lim Boon Keng, a physician who introduced educational and social reforms in SingaporeWu Lien Teh’s wife was the sister-in-law of Lim Boon Keng, a physician who promoted educational and social reforms in Singapore.Dr. Wu Lien Teh son and wife died in ChinaIn 1907, Dr. Wu Lien Teh family moved to China. During their stay in the country, Wu’s two sons and wife died. He remarried and had four more children.Related: GOOGLE DOODLE, 10 INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT THE BASKETBALL INVENTOR, JAMES NAISMITH!He performed his first ever postmortem exam in China on a Japanese woman who had died from the epidemicThe deadly epidemic broke out in the northern region of China in the fall of 1910, taking over 60,000 lives just within 4 months.After arriving at Habin, Dr. Wu performed his first post-mortem exam on a Japanese infected woman. He found Yersinia Pestis in her body tissues and concluded that it was a pneumonic plague, which could be transmitted through human breath or sputum. Earlier, it was believed that the plague could be transmitted by fleas or rats and not through human contact. His discovery shocked the scientific community, leaving everyone in disbelief.Dr. Wu convinced Japanese and Russian railway authorities to seize railway operations in light of the epidemicAfter the tragic death of a French Doctor Mesney, who fiercely opposed Dr. Wu’s theory regarding the plague, Dr. Wu persuaded Russian and Japanese railway to halt their operations. His well-timed decisions helped limit the plague from spreading in Northern-East China. However, the fatality rate continued to rise, as the dead bodies of those who had died due to the epidemic served as an ideal incubator for the bacteria to grow and mutate.Dr. Wu sent a petition to sanction the cremation of the deceasedWith his proposal, authorities cremated about 3000 corpses and coffins of those who died in the epidemic. His strategy worked, as no further infection was reported in March, 1911. By the time of the Chinese New year, the plague was gone!Dr. Wu’s work on plague prevention was praised by scientific communityRelated: GOOGLE DOODLE| MARIA GREVER| TEN UNKNOWN FACTS ABOUT THE MEXICAN COMPOSER’S LIFE JOURNEY!Following the advice of Dr. Wu, renowned epidemiologists and scientists from the USA, UK, Japan, Russia, and France attended the International Plague Conference, and Dr. Wu was elected as President of the conference. His work regarding plague prevention was widely praised by all. In fact, he continued to fight against the plague in 1921, and successfully eradicated the epidemic from the region.Dr. Wu Lien Teh Mask Design N95: he invented N95 Face maskIn an attempt to prevent the plague from further transmission, Wu designed and invented an exclusive surgical mask with gauze and cotton. He added several layers of cloth to filter out viral and bacterial microbes during inhalation. He emphasized wearing it on a daily basis, especially when going out in the public. Dr. Wu also advised government officials to establish quarantine-stations, limit transportation, and adopt modern sterilization techniques; his contribution helped the government stamp out the pandemic by April 1911. Dr. Wu passed away at the age of 81Dr. Wu wrote and published an autobiography called “Plague Fighter: The Autobiography of a Modern Chinese Physician” in his later years in Malaya.Related: GOOGLE DOODLE| BLACK HISTORY MONTH| A TRIBUTE TO AUDRE LORDE, A SELF-PROCLAIMED POET, BLACK, LESBIAN AND MOTHER!For his work in Dr. Lien The IOP Clinic, he was regarded as the “father of modern medicine” in China. He passed away on January 10, 1960. Dr. Wu Lien-Teh’s society, scientific and medical communities, as well as the whole world mourned his death deeply. The Times London wrote an obituary stating, “By his death, the world of medicine has lost a heroic and almost legendary figure and the world at large one of whom it is far more indebted to than it knows.”Till this day, scientific community honors the memories of Dr. Wu Lien the plague-fighter and adopts his methods to fight against the current pandemic.Related: ZITKALA-SA| GOOGLE DOODLE| 4 INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT HER LIFE! Happy Birthday, Dr. Wu Lien Teh, thank you for your services!Like our Facebook page to get latest news from around the world and to know more about Doctor Lien, Wu Lien Teh daughter, descendants and other people honored by Google Doodle. 

‘The Great Conjunction ’|The Most Viral and Beautiful Picture of Saturn and Jupiter Captured by a Cameraman during the Cricket Match!

Say Star of bethlehem 2020!The world awaited the beautiful sight of The Great Conjunction – the meet up of Jupiter and Saturn on the cloudy sky. It has been the talk of the town for a couple of days, and we believe it was worth the anticipation! The Conjunction between the giant planets (Saturn and Jupiter conjunction) was the most talked about event of December as it also clashed with Winter Solstice 2020. Scientists and astrology fans were all ready with their binoculars to catch the magnificent display of the two planets but one cameraman successfully caught the most viral picture while filming the New Zealand and Pakistan cricket match!Winter Solstice, as you know, is the shortest day of the year. And when the Great Conjunction 2020 coincided with Winter Solstice, the day became somewhat celebratory. Here's the meaning, traditions and celebrations of Winter Solstice 2020!After much anticipation, 21st December arrived and we got to witness the miraculous sight! It is being reported that the last time this sight was viewed in the sky, it was almost two decades ago, and the next time we’ll get the fortune of witnessing such a miracle again will be in the year 2080. Here are the five shocking facts about this Christmas Star!Hence, it was kind of an important moment for all of us. Furthermore, it must be realized that the size of the union is being compared to the union that occurred in the 17th century as it’s humongous and extraordinary! Do you know what that means? The two planets were so close to one another that they almost collided? The almost-union is being compared to the one that happened 367 years ago – in Galileo’s era!So where did we catch the beauty? Well it was during the second T20 match between New Zealand-Pakistan on Sunday at the Seddon Park in Hamilton! The image of The Great Conjunction was captured by a cameraman in the skyline. It was then tweeted by FlashScore Cricket Commentators' team and they captioned it this: “Jupiter and Saturn can be seen from Seddon Park, but the stars/planets don’t appear to be aligning for Pakistan today.” Speaking of which, the Twitter community sparked another trail of Black Superpower memes, check out here!Of course, the image went viral in a matter of minutes! And about the match? Well, New Zealand won by 09 wickets. The picture of Saturn and Jupiter was captured during the 10th over during New Zealand’ innings. And we can all agree from the photo the cameraman pulled out, the Jupiter Saturn conjunction 2020 was a magnificent sight just like these closest pictures of Sun released by NASA! Did you catch the glimpse yourself? Also, if you haven't liked our page on Facebook page already, what are you waiting for? The shiny bright Christmas Star 2020 or other December festivities ?

Everything You Need to Know About 2020’s The Great Conjunction and Winter Solstice!

Every year Winter Solstice is celebrated on the 21st of December worldwide and by Google, indicating the shortest and coldest day of the year. But this year, it’s going to be even more special (find out here), as we’ll witness another miraculous event around the same time: The Great Conjunction!Here are the five shocking facts about the great conjunction!What really happens on the 2020 winter solstice?See Winter Solstice meaning, traditions and celebrations!As we already mentioned, the Winter Solstice happens on the 21st of December every year and it’s the shortest day of the year. But how is it possible? That’s your actual question, right? Basically on this day, the sun tends to be at its lowest in the Northern Hemisphere sky, making it stand at the farthest standpoint in the Southern region. Therefore, the sun finds itself directly over the Tropic of Capricorn.Here are the closest pictures of Sun released by NASA. Due to this reason, people who reside at 23.5 degrees south latitude, experience the sun right over them at noon. The day is considered to be their summer solstice. Shortly thereafter, the sun starts to move towards the north again. But if you thought that because of the winter solstice, the Northern Hemisphere would also observe the latest sunrise and earliest sunset, you’re wrong. They, in fact, occur two weeks prior and after the winter solstice 2020. The reason is simple: the distance is changing from the sun elliptically and not in a circular motion, which changes the speed at which we orbit around the sun. When you compare the position of the sun at the same time every other day of the year, you’d notice that it’s not the same. It would be right to state that the sun is positioned higher in the summer and lower in the sky during winters. But we must also keep in mind that it moves from side to side at its regular noontime position. Due to this reason, the time at which the sun rises and sets changes. It must also be kept in mind that varied seasons exist due to the axial tilt of Earth – the distance from the Sun plays no role in this phenomenon. So, the explanation that we’re closest to the sun in January is baseless. Now onto out next question: What exactly is the great conjunction?As you may know, Saturn and Jupiter have been seen fairly close to one another throughout the year. But things will be different this time around. On the 21st of December, both planets will experience a somewhat meet up, giving us a rare sight to witness on that night. Good news for people who’ve got a pair of binoculars: you can witness this miraculous occasion, easily on the 21st of December. It’s the first time in two decades that this merger of some kind will be spotted. next time it appears will be 2080, and we bet you on this, most of us will be dead by then. The last time we got to see this unique union was back in 2000, however, the two planets were soon separated by two full-moon widths. This year, the orbits are in favor yet again and they appear to be approximately one-fifth of a full-moon diameter. This is a once-in-a-lifetime type of a situation because you won’t be able to view this sight in the next 60 years at least. And it’s also being said that this time around the union will be spectacular and large.Check out the top memes on Twitter about December 21st - #Black Superpowers!Are you interested in viewing the great conjunction? You can stream it on one of the observatory telescope sessions that will go live on the day. There will be expert panels available during that session to respond to your queries. But hey, remember that it will be out at dusk so be prepared. In the United States, the conjunction will be seen at 5:02 a.m. ET.Can’t wait to celebrate the December Solstice and Great Conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st! Also, check out the 19 most creative New Year Eve's ideas 2021 while you enjoy the December Global Holidays and keep safe from the deadly Coronavirus mutating in the UK!Also, like our Facebook page now to know about what some of these jerk celebrities are celebrating the holiday season and win an exciting gift.  

Here’s everything about Lockheed Martin Aerojet Rocketdyne Acquisition in $4.4 Billion!

Lockheed Martin inks $4.4 billion!Lockheed Martin Corp, world’s leading defense contractor, announced on Sunday that it has inked a $4.4 billion deal to acquire Aerojet Rocketdyne, missile and Rocket Engine Manufacturer Company.This acquisition marks Lockheed’s biggest acquisition deal since Jim Taichel was appointed as CEO in June this year. He is eyeing towards enhancing the company’s propulsion performance in view of the arrival of new companies in the space market, such as Blue Origin and SpaceX, which are owned by the world’s two richest men Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.Check out SpaceX plan to provide the fastest internet service!“Acquiring Aerojet Rocketdyne will preserve and strengthen an essential component of the domestic defense industrial base and reduce costs for our customers and the American taxpayer,” said Taichlet, CEO of Lockheed Martin Corp in a statement.The deal also marks the latest merge of space industry giants since Northrop Grumman’s acquisition of Orbital ATK for $7.8 billion in 2017.Eileen Drake, Aerojet’s CEO said in a statement, “As part of Lockheed Martin, we will bring our advanced technologies together with their substantial expertise and resources to accelerate our shared purpose: enabling the defense of our nation and space exploration.”Aerojet Rocketdyne holds $2 billion worth of capital and has some 5,000 employees working around the country. The company is in contract with NASA (give powering idea to NASA and win $5 Million) to manufacture rocket engines, such as RS-25, which are used in NASA’s Space Launch System rocket. The same engine is already used in propulsion systems in multiple Lockheed’s defense systems. Lockheed manufactures the Orion spacecraft that flies on top of the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. This acquisition provides Lockheed with a stake in the rocket industry, which is originally created by Boeing. Maryland-based Lockheed, Bethesda is spending $56 for each share, 33% higher than the Friday closing price of Aerojet Rocketdyne’s stocks. The final price will drop to $51 for each share that will be given when the acquisition finalizes. The deal is expected to conclude during the second half of the upcoming year. With this acquisition, Chief Executive Jim Taiclet is looking forward to expanding the world’s biggest defense contractor, as he picked up a major U.S supplier of propulsion systems for rockets, missiles, and other defense and space mechanisms.See: Boston Dynamics can now backflip and land safely on the ground!Lockheed has been exploring deals since the start of this year. In January, the company expressed its interest towards signing new deals, following the collaboration of its rival Raytheon Co. with United Technologies Corp. to produce an aerospace-and-defense powerhouse. Lockheed has been rooting for opportunities to bring new technologies into the company that they deemed as crucial for the company’s future growth and development.With this merge, Lockheed’s takes on Elon Musk’s SpaceX head-to-head for space contracts from U.S government through the United Launch Alliance, its joint project with Boeing Co. The deal is subjected for approval from Aerojet Rocketdyne’s stockholders and other regulators. A transition team will be created to look after the company’s integral operations.To know more about this, like our Facebook page now and also win an exciting gift!

Total Solar Eclipse 2020| Who Will it Affect The Most (BEWARE!)

Impact of a solar eclipse especially total solar eclipse can be dangerous to many people!The 2020’s only total solar eclipse is set to happen on December 14 (this Monday) and here’s what you need to know about it:The sky watchers can observe the last total solar eclipse of December 2020 across South Pacific, Argentina, Chile and the southern Atlantic Ocean; however, a broader region in the Antarctica and southern South can observe a partial solar eclipse.Solar eclipses happen when the moon’s disc passes in front of the sun’s disc, blocking the sun view from Earth for a short while. When they entirely line up over each other, the moon hides the whole sun that leads to a total eclipse. Though, most of the times it only covers the partial parts of the sun- the phenomenon is called a partial or lunar eclipse. A total solar eclipse is a rare phenomenon that doesn’t happen each month because the moon’s orbit is slightly tilted in relation to the sun and barely aligns together. When will the solar eclipse occur?The partial solar eclipse will start at 1333 GMT or 8:33 a.m. EST and will be visible thousands of miles away from the southeastern coast of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. And after an hour at 1432 GMT or 9:32 a.m. EST the total phase of the eclipse will be observed in this region. The time of the longest eclipse, where the eclipse will happen for a longer time or the maximum time, the moon covers the sun, will begin after two hours at 1613 GMT  or 11:13 a.m. EST. The moment of the longest eclipse will happen 29 kilometers village’s northwest Sierra Colorado in Argentina. Observers can witness the total eclipse till 12:54 p.m. EST while some part of the eclipse will be visible till 1853 GMT or 1:53 p.m. EST for viewing.Sorry to disappoint you just like we made you cry by discussing the most heart touching moments of 2020 but there are a few places where you can really catch a glimpse of the total solar eclipse. Yet, at some locations, observers will be able to look up and enjoy the eclipse with safety glasses.Check out the closest pictures of Sun released by NASA and ESA.For example, spectators in Villarrica, Chile will be informed to witness the total solar eclipse for about 2 minutes and 9 seconds of totality. The total eclipse will kick off at 1:02 p.m. local time and end at 1:04 p.m. local time. The last place to be able to witness the eclipse will be Salina del Eje in Argentina.Following this (December 14) solar eclipse, the next time we’re going to observe a total solar eclipse will be on next December 4, 2021, which is expected to occur over South America.How can it affect you?Before you read that check out the mysteries of Sun's Corna!There are many sky watchers who’re excited to witness the rare celestial event, but looking straight at the sun (just like your president), during the duration of even an annular eclipse, can result in other kinds of permanent eye damages including blindness!WARNING: Exposing your eyes to the sun when it’s eclipsed by the moon can cause “eclipse blindness” or retinal burn, also called solar retinopathy. This can also lead to damage or even destruction of calls in the retina that is responsible for transmitting what you see to the brain. So, it is advised to use special protective glasses or eyewear to observe the eclipse. Your basic glasses, even those come with UV protection, will not be enough to protect your eyes during the eclipse. And if you’re planning to capture the celestial event with any camera, you can use special solar filters that ensure the remaining ring of light doesn’t affect your vision. A pinhole camera comes in handy for observing total eclipse without exposing your eyes to the harmful UV rays. Viewers can also use welder’s glass to view an eclipse. Number 14 welder’s glass offers effective protection and is easily available at a local welder’s supply store. This protective glass can reduce the dangerous rays that are emitting from the eclipse. Avoid using if your welder’s glass has scratches or any damages.Mylar filters is another way to observe an eclipse safely. You can make a viewing box out of the aluminized mylar plastic sheets that are available at any general store. Avoid using if it contains scratches or any sort of damages.How NOT to watch a solar eclipse?Considering the alarming vision damages because of the dangerous UV rays during an eclipse, you should be extra careful about how you observe a solar eclipse. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to risk your eyesight for the sake of curiosity! Here’s what NOT recommended to watch an eclipse in the following ways:Smartphone: Observing an eclipse with your smartphone camera can be risky and may accidentally expose your eyes to the sun directly when lining the sun with the camera. Also, it could also harm your phone’s camera. So, don’t get into that trouble unless you’re wearing special eyewear.Camera viewfinder: It’s not a good idea of viewing an eclipse using the camera’s optical viewfinder. The idea may damage your vision exactly in a similar manner as looking directly at the sun. Filters: No filters are safe to use with any viewing equipment such as binoculars, telescope or camera unless it’s exclusively designed for viewing a solar eclipse! Unsafe filters include all color film, a monochrome film that has no silver, photographic negatives (x-rays and snapshots), sunglasses (even with UV protection), smoked glasses, and photographic neutral density filters. All these filters can maximize the risk of permanent eyesight damage.So, before you enter 2021, here's what you need to be prepared for!If you have captured a wonderful picture of solar eclipse and wish to share with us, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. For the sake of your physical and emotional wellbeing we strongly recommend you to follow all the precautionary measures while you witness the final solar eclipse of 2020. 

The Fractal Geometry of Nature| Benoit Mandelbrot Expands The Way We Think!

Today, Google Doodle is celebrating Benoit Mandelbrot – known as the Father of Fractal Geometry!  The man used to take great interest in irregular shapes and processes present in nature. The research proved to be fundamental in the field, as the conclusions derived were potent in a range of fields ranging from physics to arts and even finance.Source: Fractal Let’s find out more about this intellectual!Benoit Mandelbrot was an eccentric figure in the field of mathematics. Thanks to his non-conformist ideas and perceptions, his findings became critical in the field due to which he earned the title of the “Father of Fractal Geometry”. In 1975, he basically coined the word Fractal Geometry with the aim to describe the geometry's branch which sought to find meaning in irregular structures and shapes that are in their most natural form. These shapes and process included jagged coastlines to the ever-changing stock market's rollercoaster ride. As mentioned above, he is a pioneer in many fields due to his revolutionary studies. He contributed to a wide range of contrasting fields, like physical finance, geology, medicine and art, etc. To honor his meritorious contributions and put forth his larger-than-life understanding of structures, Google created its Doodle for Mandelbrot on Friday on his 96th birthday. His background is highly commendable! He was born in 1924 in Warsaw, Poland and spent his initial years reading maps and playing Chess. He never truly got the opportunity to acquire standardized education as it got interrupted for two reasons: When he was just 11 years old, his family migrated to Paris and continued moving until World War II started – which, as we already know, was the end for many dreams and ambitions. However, these setbacks never stopped him from getting a formal education, and he continued it once the war ended. He eventually ended up earning an aeronautics master’s degree from California Institute of Technology, and by 1958, he started working at the IBM – this is where his long-withstanding academic partnership began with IBM’s Watson Research Center. By this time, the world had the IBM computers newly developed at their disposal, and so Mandelbrot used this opportunity to create fractal images that resonated with psychedelic art that represented human body and nature. As of now, the Euclidean Geometry understood flat surface of a plane, but it was Mandelbrot who realized that shapes in nature weren’t flat at all. In his seminal book, The Fractal Geometry of Nature, he questioned why people considered geometry to be so cold and dry. He proposed that one reason could be the inability to explain the shape of a mountain, a cloud, a tree or a coastline. He then claimed that mountains are not cones, clouds are not spheres, bark is not smooth and coastlines are not circles, and neither is lightening a straight line. The book was published in 1982.These graphical pictures that were drawn by the algorithms have earned a place in popular culture; you can find them on T-shirts, posters, and album covers. In fact, it was his fantastical theory that inspired the song Mandelbrot Set by Jonathan Coulton and Arthur C. Clarke’s novel, The Colors of Infinity: The Beauty, and the Sense of Fractals.    Mandelbrot worked tirelessly to further develop the formula that he used to explain the phenomenon. It eventually got popular by the name the Mandelbrot Set. For 35 years, he worked in relative obscurity, after which he accepted a position at Yale University as a Mathematics Professor. He formally joined in 1987. Source: WikipediaFurthermore, he won several awards in recognition of his contributions in a variety of fields. He was also awarded the prestigious Wolf Prize for Physics in 1993. And the most interesting ode to his incredible work was when a small asteroid was named after him in 2000.The Mathematic genius died in 2010 at the age of 85 from pancreatic cancer. To celebrate his intellect, Google has also introduced a Mandelbrot Fractal Easter egg which permits you to explore the endless patterns of Mandelbrot set along with an interactive fractal viewer. To truly know Mandelbrot, you need to understand his work. Fractal Geometry is a synthesis of ancient mathematical constructs and formulas. The idea was popularized by interpretations of terrain on a computer graphic platform. Fractal Geometry has invested in diverse scientific domains and received rapid credibility due to its ability to verify phenomena that defies discrete computations as a cause of discontinuities.However, with instant appreciation came a bunch of compounding problems. Fractal Geometry is a widely misconstrued idea that can quickly evaporate due to grandiose terminology that has really no purpose. In its essence, there is an induction that uses basic geometric constructs to change initiating objects. The fractal objects that are created using this process tend to appear similar to natural phenomenon. The purpose of this study was to showcase fractal geometry to the graphic programmers as a unique but basic technique. Benoit B. Mandelbrot felt the need to give geometry a new reputation, as he felt that Euclidean geometry is not up to the mark as a model for natural objects. If you’ve ever drawn a picture of irregular objects, like a tree, on a computer screen by utilizing the Euclidean drawing primitives, this statement would make absolute sense. The strength of Mandelbrot’s conclusions was critical in research; it practically helped in the development of this theory. He exhibited how mathematical functions provide valuable insights in regards to the creation models developed to explain natural objects, like mountains and coastlines. He must be considered the most important figure in the field of mathematics, as his theory of synthesis at the time was monumental as science was gaining momentum and scientific models were receiving acclaim. There were numerous goals of this research. First of all, it must be understood that there are practically two approaches that can be considered authentic in the investigation of Fractal Geometry and computer graphics. His goals were to provide computers with due credibility as tools that help enhance the investigation and research of fractal geometry. The research was also designed to study the mathematical formulation of Fractal Geometry and give evidence practically of its application to computer graphics. All in all, one can conclude that Mandelbrot was a genius who challenged our perceptions and made valuable contributions in the world of Fractal Geometry!

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