The Unknown Truth about Jack the Ripper Suspects and Death!

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You can choose to stay
in denial but we all know that psychopaths are interesting people. Yes, they’re
murderers and scary but they’re also uniquely functional. Psychologists have
long been intrigued by their psyche and how they distinguish themselves from
sociopaths – both terms are often used interchangeably despite having a
fundamental difference of guilt.

One of the most famous
psychopaths of his times was Jack the Ripper. He terrorized London in 1888 by
killing five women in the most sadistic and barbaric manner possible. He
mutilated their bodies that indicated that he was deeply aware of the human
anatomy. The interesting thing to know here is this: He was never caught or
even identified. Thus, he remains to be England’s most dangerous and infamous criminal.

Do you know that all
five of his killings were placed one mile from each other near the Whitechapel district of East London? The terrorizing reign lasted from August 7th
to September 10th.  In fact,
he was also associated with the bunch of other murders that happened around
that time. In those days, he was given the nickname of Leather Apron.

Rumor has it that he
sent a number of letters to the London Metropolitan Police Service known as
Scotland Yard. He would taunt them with his gruesome activities and hinted at
the murders he planned on.

What does Jack the
Ripper mean and where did it comes from, you’d ask? Well, it originates from
one of his letters which was possibly a hoax but it was published at the time
he was on his hunt.

It’s strange to find
out that despite the severe investigation, his name or identify was never
revealed. In addition, nobody got to know about his motives. Was Jack the
Ripper possibly a woman? Who knows?

There have been severalconspiracy theories about Jack the Ripper in the past. Some claim that he was
the famous Victorian painter Walter Sickert who was a migrant and the grandson
of Queen Victoria. There are, in fact, over a 100 suspects!

The ‘Whitechapel Butcher’

At the time of his
terrorizing reign, East London was viewed by citizens with compassion and
contempt at the same time. This area was later filled taken over by immigrants
who had come to London to start a new life. But despite the beginning of
several new businesses in that area, it remained notorious for violence and

In the late 19th
century, prostitution was illegal only if it distracted or disturbed the
public, so this are also gained popularity for homing several brothels and
low-renting houses for committing sexual activities.

This was a time when
reporting the murder of a working woman was rarely reported in the news. In
fact, nobody in the polite society bothered to discuss it. But the truth is
that people always thought the only sex workers were physically attacked and
murdered like that.

One of those women
happened to be Emma Smith, an English sex worker. She was beaten and raped to
death by four men. Smith who survived the attack later died of peritonitis but
she is remembered as one of the unfortunate victims killed by robbers and

However, the killing
spree that Jack the Ripper went on was different. As you now know there were
other sadistic events as well but the way Jack killed his victims, it was
completely heinous and inhumane. He would literally butcher his victims to give
a glimpse of his psychopathic mind.

He didn’t simply didn’t
stab people with his knife, he mutilated and disemboweled women. He would
remove their organs and put them up for display. Hence, you’d find the bodies
without their uteruses and kidney. 

The Legacy of Jack the Ripper

During the fall of
1888, Jack the Ripper stopped murdering women. The citizens of London continued
to demand answers but to no use. It has been over a century and people still
don’t have any answers. This case has inspired several films, movies, books,
and even historical tours! But all of them point to one thing – the
lack of evidence is only due to the gamut of misinformation and false testimonies
collected by the Scotland Yard of that time.

In 2011, British
detective Trevor Marriott investigated Jack’s murders. However, he was denied
from gaining access to the uncensored documents. This can stir up things and
start a case against the Metropolitan Police.

Jack the Ripper’s
victims were women and Ripper’s victims were killed in the most gruesome
manner. Despite it all, Jack the Ripper suspects were never caught and the
case was never solved. The unknown killer suddenly disappeared after his final
murder in September. Do we know the identity of Jack the Ripper after so many
years? No! Is anybody interested? Well, you tell us!

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Updated December 11, 2020
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