22 TikTok Hidden Features and Hacks to Go Viral!

  • POSTED ON: 09/Dec/2020

Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore TikTok.

If you’re new to TikTok, we have compiled a list of features that will help you gear up and go viral on TikTok, the sensational video-sharing app. By discovering the features provided below, you can generate quality content and get famous on the platform.

So, if you use TikTok with the following mind-blowing hacks provided by us, you’ll be on your way to make viral TikTok videos too!

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How to create a Slideshow without the TikTok Template

Although TikTok provides templates that can be used to develop slideshows, it’s better if you start creating your own. You can customize slideshows by filming your introduction as you normally would.

Next, you should go to Effects and select the Green Screen. You can then select any image from your gallery and use it as your background. You can even tilt your phone to not be visible on the screen. This way you can fit the entire picture in the screen.

If you want, you can even film and release the video with audio. After repeating the process, you should customize the slideshow and decorate it according to your needs.

Choose When Text Appears and Disappears

Sometimes you want to add text in the beginning, sometimes at the end, and sometimes in the middle of the video. The question is, how do you make it possible? Well, it’s easy! You can start by creating a text box and then add to the points in the video where you want it on display.

Then you need to type whatever message you have and click “Done”. Make it convenient by choosing the duration as well. You can choose to drag and drop the frames on the screen.

Record a TikTok Vlog or Voiceover

If you want to record a voiceover or make a vlog on TikTok, you should click on Next to get to the posting screen. This is where you usually type captions and add hashtags. So, instead of posting the TikTok, you’ll start recording the screen but make sure that the microphone is on.

Adjust the TikTok Clips

It’s possible that your video is not trimmed properly or the timing is off. You can change the length and order by tapping on the Adjust Clips option.

Use Songs From Other Videos

You can easily add songs that are used in other TikToks by adding the sound of other creators to your own videos. And you don’t even have to make a duet out of it.

Create Custom TikTok Audio

Apart from adding audio of other TikToks, you can also create your own. Achieve this by using a single audio file and take it up a notch by merging two different sets of popular sounds.

Name Audio File for Search

It’s natural to feel proud when you create a custom sound all by yourself. But how do you show it off so that others find and use it as well? Well, open a video in which you’ve used a customized sound and click the record option that is present in the lower right corner of the screen.

Next, you must click the edit icon which is present next to the title and change it to whatever you wish. Just save it and you’re done!

Save TikTok without the Logo

If you want to post your TikTok content on other platforms but you don’t wish to see the logo, you can remove it easily. How do you get it done? Well, before you post it, start recording the screen with your microphone off but keep the volume up.

Then watch the preview to ensure that you’ve got the video right. Next, you must stop the screen recording and open it on your camera roll. You know the drill, trim it and capture the part that you want to see.

Then turn it into HD recording along with the audio and no logo in sight. Now post it wherever you want – Facebook Twitter, Instagram, or whatever!

Hide Liked Videos on TikTok

Anybody can check your profile on TikTok so they can view which videos you’ve liked or not. Hence, if you wish to control your brand reputation without putting any limitations as such, you can hide your liked videos.

Achieve this by going to Me Screen and tapping the three vertical dots that are present in the upper right corner of the screen. Open the settings and go to privacy and safety. You can then scroll it down and control who can and cannot view your liked videos.

Enable Restricted Mode

There are several trends on TikTok that just don’t die even when you’re sick of them. So you can avoid them by enabling the restricted mode. Hide the content that you don’t find interesting from the feed. This way, TikTok will not show you that content anymore.

To ensure this, you should go to the Me Screen and click the three dots present at the top right corner that showcase settings. Then tap digital wellbeing under the general settings.

Add TikTok to Favorites

If you come across a video on your feed that you wish to get back to at a later time, add it to your favorites. Do this by tapping and holding the video and bring it up the menu. You’ll have two options: not interested and add to favorites. Choose the latter!

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Change the TikTok Video Language

In order to create a personalized TikTok experience, you have to change the language of the content you see. This can be done by checking the Me Screen and the three dots on the upper right corner of settings. Here you will find an option called Content Preferences. Just work through that and you’ll find your way.

Create a TikTok Duet

You must know that there are options on TikTok to create duets. Basically, you can split the screen space where the original video is supposed to appear and add a new video to fill the other split of the video.

Create a TikTok Reaction

Reactions are somewhat similar to duets, but they’re slightly twisted. So when you tap on the share button while doing a duet, you must tap on the React option instead, present right there. What’s the point, you’d ask? Well, you can record yourself reacting to somebody else’s video on TikTok. It’s a lot more fun and impromptu.

Create a GIF from a TikTok Video

If you’ve not tried the Gif format, you’re missing out on a major chunk of TikTok. People love this feature! So basically, you need to convert your TikTok video into a shareable GIF and, to do this, you must find a video which you want to convert it to. Tap the sharing button and scroll down to find it. Next, you can choose where you want to share the saved video.

Translate Comments

Are you famous on TikTok? If yes, then you might find comments underneath your videos that are not in English or in a language that you don’t understand. To translate and understand them, you can utilize the translation tool.

Hope you liked the TikTok hacks, TikTok tricks and hidden features mentioned above. They were your how-to guides, and hacks to go viral. Follow the 22 hacks and TikTok tricks to instantly go viral and also tell your friends how to use TikTok with mind-blowing hacks! Good Luck!

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