Pro wrestler Paul ‘Big Show’ Wight leaves WWE to join All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling has announced that the Big Show – longtime professional wrestler – has decided to join the Jacksonville, Florida-based promotion. Thus, Paul Wight is going to be parting ways from WWE. AEW President and CEO, Tony Khan, has announced that the Big Show is coming to All Elite Wrestling. He is the son of Jacksonville Jaguars owned by Shad Khan. Wight is 49 years old 7-footer who is often compared to the Andre the Giant. He made his last appearance on Raw on the 4th of Jan, 2021. He was part of the legends Night. As per the WWE Encyclopedia, Wight started wrestling for the World Championship Wrestling promotion back in 2005. He went on to win the WCW heavyweight championship twice and then made his move to WWE in 1999. He also won the WWE heavyweight title and found his way in promoting Extreme Championship Wrestling. In 2006, he became the first wrestler ever to have won WCW, WWE, AND ECW titles. In his official statement, Wight says: “It’s been amazing to watch what AEW has built in just a couple of years. AEW Dark is an incredible platform to hone the skills of up-and-coming wrestlers, but I also love that established AEW talent can build out their personalities and showcase themselves in new ways on Dark. It’s no exaggeration when they say that AEW is boundless.”On 19th Feb, 2021, WWE shifted his profile to its Alumni section. The wrestler also changed his name on Instagram – it shows his legal name now. Other wrestlers who’ve left WWE in the recent years are Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose), Brodie Lee (Luke Harper), Shawn Spears (Tye Dillinger), Dax Harwood (Scott Dawson) and Cash Wheeler (Dash Wilder).All Elite Wrestling also has former WWE stars like Dustin Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, Cody, Billy Gunn, Chris Jericho, Trent, Jake Hager and Lance Archer. Former wrestlers Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard – who were initially members of the Four Horseman group – are also involved in AEW. Tony Khan has also made a statement on Paul Wight’s move to AEW. He said that he is one of the most recognizable and impressive athletes in the world, and that Paul wanted to join AEW as the company knows how to best promote wrestling and Paul believes that he can offer a lot to the company – not just in the ring, but also at the commentary. He can be a great host and ambassador for the company. Jacksonville has a promising history of professional wrestling, especially the work done under the umbrella of the National Wrestling Alliance. Former pro wrestler Don Curtis has hosted countless matches in the Civic Auditorium in Jacksonville as a member of the NWA’s Florida-based promotion. The AEW will promote several matches on March 3 as part of its live episode of “AEW Dyamite”. It is reported that Shaquille O’Neal – the 14-time NBA all-star player – is all set to fight Cody Rhodes at Daily’s Place. This is an amphitheater in downtown Jacksonville. The event will only have 15% capacity and fans can buy their tickets from; the tickets start from $20. Are you a fan of Big Show? Will you miss watching him in WWE? He has given his career best matches against Rey Mysterio and John Cena. It was honestly a pleasure watching him on screen – his matches are excellent! As fans of the medium, we’re saddened to find out about his departure, but we wish him the best for his future. For similar stories about wrestlers, like our page on Facebook. Were you expecting the professional wrestler, professional wrestling commentator and part-time American actor (born February 8, 1972) to leaves WWE? The announcement made on Wednesday didn’t sit well with fans and they want WWE’s Big Show back. 

Pelé Netflix Documentary Reveals Shocking Facts about Pelé, His Children, Spouse, Net Worth and More!

There’s much debate on Pele’s life outside the pitch, but he is still considered one of the best players in history. Filmmakers David Tryhorn and Ben Nicholas spent hours interviewing his company – from his childhood to his controversial relationship with the authoritarian governs of Brazil’s sporting community. Pele is not just the man who literally carried his team to two World Cup finals, but he’s also someone who scored over 1000 goals while he was on tour. Youcould worship Maradona but still not put down the talent that Pele possessed.  You may extract several comparisons with modern day legends— like Ronaldo and Messi— but still put him on top. At least, that will be your conclusion after watching Netflix’s new documentary that features the man himself as he provides an insight into his world in his in-depth interviews. In March 2020, Peleconfidently claimed that he’s better than the best. He compared himself to Ronaldinho, Beckenbauer, Cruyff, Zico, Cristiano Ronaldo and even Messi, and said that he’s better than them all. At times, people get cocky when they achieve so much in life and lose the touch of humility needed to drive them to further success, but cockiness can also be viewed as a sense of pride. Ultimately, you’re the only one who can understand the hard work that goes behind each goal you accomplish. Directors of the documentary have shown you Pele as a child when he simply had high ambitions and very little background. We see his journey from there and how he becomes one of the greatest players in history as he lifts the World Cup trophy in 1970 against Italy. He had formed an impeccable team that included Gérson, Tostão, Rivellino, Jairzinhoin the final. In 1950s, Brazil was the only non-European country to have emerged as a World Cup winner. Pelewas in the team as the youngest goalscorer ever—he was only 17 at the time. His final goal in 1970, on the other hand, marked his retirement.  “When he’s feeling good, Brazil is feeling good, or vice versa and somehow, for better or worse, the story we show is the two of them having this relationship between 1958 and 1970,”said Nicholas.Pele, a man who came from nothing, managed to achieve so much in life, bringing so much glory to his country and joining among the ranks of the greatest. All of his achievements were not a piece of cake – they came as a result of back-breaking training hours and strict routines and schedules. He became the legend, the myth, and the icon because he showed the world that he was worth it. As a kid he worked as a shoe shiner to support his family financially. He’s the footballer who lost support from his own club due to a life-changing injury. He comes from a nation that wasn’t even considered a footballing nation in the 50s. He has seen immense growth in his career and earned every single praise that still comes his way. Have others had it worse? Possibly. However, does that mean that we must take it away from him? Definitely not!Watch the documentary to get to know the man behind such an extravagant status. Also, like our page on Facebook for more information and documentary reviews!Pele Netflix documentary has revealed some shocking facts about Pele, his children, spouse, and net worth. We also got to know about seven known offspring. The Netflix documentary about the Brazilian former professional footballer is truly a love letter to all his fans. What is your honest opinion on the Brazilian soccer player born on October 23, 1940? Let us know in the comment section below! Share your experience if you’ve met him in real life! 

‘Free Sports Streaming Sites’ That Are Legal, Safe and Free to Use!

You may find it a bit bizarre but some free sports streaming sites or sports stream platforms offer the same experience as an adult-site: these “free” sites are often plagued with unwanted advertisements, annoying popups, and awfully-long buffers, which not only ruin your watching experience but also distract you from achieving your one true climax – we mean watching your favorite sport team winning the game, obviously!The only way you can avoid this nuisance is by subscribing to their costly sports packages. But let’s face it: nobody has the money or time to commit to these sports packages. But fret no more!We have rounded up a list of some free sports streaming sites with the best user interface where you can watch your favorite sports live and exciting games without having to pay hefty amounts. The following sport streaming sites are safe, legal, and free to use!Disclaimer: some of these sites don’t necessarily work in the same manner across all countries. The functionality of these may depend on your country’s streaming laws, so don’t forget to check and ensure if it’s legal to stream these sport sites for free in your country. Footy BiteSource: Footybite.comOne of the most compelling aspects of FootyBite is that it offers live and a distraction-free watching experience. The site is free from all the annoying ads, pop-ups, and redirects, allowing you to navigate through the site without losing your mind and watch live sport peacefully.Signup requirement: NoSports to watch: NBA, NFL, football/soccerPop-ups: Yes, but less. VIP RowSource: doesn’t bother you with a lot of redirects, ads, and popups, hence offering you a headache-free watching experience. It’s the kind of sports streaming site that values quality over quantity. You can stream a broad range of sports in impressively high quality. Signup requirement: NoSports to watch: NBA, NFL, football/soccer, tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, rugby and many more. Pop-ups: Yes, but less.Stream2watchSource: offers some impressive quality streaming. Even though it has an awful amount of popups and redirects, its high-quality streaming compensates for it all.Signup requirement: NoSports to watch: American football, tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, rugby and many more.Pop-ups: Yes. LiveTVSource: LiveTV.comFor live tv or sport stream, here you can follow the live streaming of highly-anticipated sports face-offs between your favorite team and its rivals. This site also offers after-sports highlights, in case you miss the live-streaming. And just like any other free streaming site, also contains ads and pop-ups, so you’ll have to spend some time finding the actual “play” button.Free streaming sports signup requirement: NoSports to watch: American football, tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, rugby and many more.Pop-ups: Yes. FromHot’sSource: is one of the best sports streaming sites legal and offers a hassle-free streaming experience. You can stream tournaments and matches from various sports leagues across the globe.Streaming sports sites signup requirement: NoSports to watch: American football, tennis, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, rugby, racing, football/soccer, and many more.Pop-ups: Yes. VIPLeagueSource: works well and offers some pretty good streams. However, it has an overwhelming amount of popups and ads that tend to worsen the experience. But don’t worry! The site is easy to navigate and it won’t take much of your time to find your desired streams.Live sport streaming sites signup requirement: NoSports to watch: American football, tennis, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, rugby, racing, football/soccer, boxing, cycling and many more.Pop-ups: Yes. ROJADURECTASource: Rojecta.comStream sports free with Roja Directa as it is one of the most credible sports streaming sites which offers quality streams from various sport leagues. It features a pretty clean homepage with less amount of banner ads and pop-ups. In addition to this, viewers can choose their preferred language to stream the matches. Please note that the site is primarily dedicated for football/soccer streaming. Signup requirement: NoSports to watch: It offers football/soccer-centric streaming along with streams of American Football, rugby and basketball.Pop-ups: Yes. CricHDSource: CricHD.comSports free streaming sites - CricHD allows users to stream live coverage from big sports channels such as ESPN, beIN Sports, Sky Sports, BT Sport, etc. And as you can expect from any free streaming site, this too contains a few pop-ups and redirects, but the site is still pretty easy to navigate.Signup requirement: NoSports to watch: cricket, American football, tennis, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, rugby, racing, football/soccer, boxing, cycling and many more.Pop-ups: Yes. CrickfreeSource: is a free cricket-centric streaming site with streams from various cricket leagues around the world. You will most likely get annoyed by its awful amount of popups and ads, but its super-easy navigation makes it easier to find streams without making you lose your mind.Signup requirement: NoSports to watch: Primarily cricket, but you can also find streams of American Football, soccer/football, boxing, tennis and basketball.Pop-ups: Yes. SonyLivSource: Sonyliv.comSonyLiv is probably the “cleanest” site in the list, but it has one problem: the site is only accessible to local viewers. However, you can still access the site using a VPN. Make sure to connect your VPN to India for high-quality football streaming. Signup requirement: YesSports to watch: Cricket, WWE, soccer/football and UFC.Pop-ups: Yes.Why do you need a VPN to stream free sports websites?A VPN can be a useful way of accessing sports streaming sites free, securely and privately. A good VPN application allows users to access geo-restricted content from any anywhere in the world by changing your location. It provides security and privacy by hiding your actual location and IP address, which helps prevent malicious sites from hacking into your system.  Like our Facebook page being a sports fan to get the latest news from the sports (upcoming champions league) and entertainment world. Are you ready to watch sports online free. Stay tuned to Hayvine to know more about Sport streaming sites Reddit including Fox sports, TV shows, streaming services and sporting events in various countries including UK, Australia, South Africa, Canada etc. 

The Actual Cause and Footage of Vincent Jackson's Death in Florida's Hotel Room!

Jackson was found dead on February 15 2021.The sports world is mourning the death of Vincent Jackson, a former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and San Diego Chargers wide receiver, who was found dead in his hotel room on Monday. He was 38 years old (heart aches).According to Florida police, a formal report was filed, the athlete, a resident of South Tampa, checked in to the Homewood Suites located on 10240 Palm River Road in Brandon on January 11. He had been living there since then.Jackson's family members reported him missing on Wednesday, February 10. The official missing report was filed on Thursday. The next day, deputies with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office tracked him down at his hotel where he was staying. They spoke to him briefly to assess his wellbeing and closed the case.But unfortunately, they hadn't checked him well enough!On Monday, a housekeeper discovered him dead in his hotel room around 11:30 a.m. The sheriff's office didn't find any apparent signs of trauma on his dead body. The cause of his death hasn't been known yet, though, his body has been sent to the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner's Office for further examination to determine the cause of death.The police, however, believe that there isn't any foul play involved in the athlete's death.Sheriff Chad Chronister announced on social media that his department had already opened an investigation."We are all mourning the loss of our beloved Vincent," said Allison Stokes Gorrell, a spokesperson form Jackson family, "His wife and children ask that everyone respect their privacy at this time."The news of his sudden demise came as a complete shock, leaving sports enthusiasts and fellow players devastated and fan favorite not only. Bryan Glazer, Buccaneers Co-chairman also posted a tribute to Vincent on social media, highlighting his sports and charitable achievements in addition to buccaneers nation that adored him and his action 83 foundation."During his five seasons with our franchise, Vincent was a consummate professional, who took a great deal of pride in his performance on and off the foot field," said Glazer. "Vincent was a dedicated father, husband, businessman and philanthropist, who made a deep impact on our community through his unyielding advocacy for military families, supported by the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation." Rest in peace, Vincent Jackson. 🙏— Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@Buccaneers) February 15, 2021Initially, Jackson had been playing for the San Diego Chargers for seven seasons. Their contract was ended because of a dispute and he became a free agent. Later on, he played five seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.Jackson was a three-time Pro Bowl receiver, who signed a contract with the Bucs worth $55 million in 2012. He recorded 57 touchdowns and had 540 career receptions for 9,080 yards.Jackson, a team captain, was regarded as one of the most respectable played in club history for his dedication and calm attitude. But it was his charitable endeavors and social activism that made him different from the rest of the football players. Vincent Jackson was a kind and generous soul. This was him at Super Bowl 50 taking the time to have a picture with my son and his friends. RIP— trey wingo (@wingoz) February 16, 2021"It pains me to see this happen to such a great person at such a young age," said Gerald McCoy, a former Buccaneers defensive tackle. "A person who was more than a football player, he was a great husband and father who spent his life trying to help other people. Spreading love and joy and doing everything in his power to make the next man smile. Somebody I considered to be more than a teammate, he was truly a friend and one of my mentors in my young age of the NFL."The 38-year-old athlete was the son of a military family. Both of his parents serviced in the U.S Armed Forces. Inspired by his experience as a military family kid, he decided to establish a non-profit organization "Jackson in Action" to support the families and children of military families. In fact, he also wrote a series of children's book "Danny Dogtags in an attempt to guide military families' children who had to move several places because of the nature of their parent's work.His charitable activities made a profound impact in the Tampa Bay community, which is home to Macdill Air Force Base.Jackson stepped into food business after his retirement and opened a Cask Social Kitchen in 2015. The restaurant is located on Howard Avenue. He also served as a vice president of the Callaloo Group – an organization responsible for renovating the historic Manhattan Casino's Food Hall in St. Petersburg's Midtown. Jackson Vincent, a renowned philanthropist and extraordinary player, is survived by his wife Lindsey Vandeweghe and four children to the buccaneers. It seems too early to make a statement about the actual cause of Jackson's death as the wide receiver Vincent Jackson leaves the world. Yet, to get more information about Jackson Vincent death's actual cause and footage, like our Facebook page and stay updated. Also, stay tuned to Hayvine for more information about Vincent Jackson’s net worth, family photos, parents, number, stats and other related information.

25 Most Viral Memes and Reactions of Super Bowl Commercials 2021!

‘It wasn’t (for) me….memes…’Super Bowl is the biggest cultural and sports’ event that features the world’s most beloved sports and entertainment legends every year!Related: 50M2 - Top 20 viral memes and reactions that are breaking the internet.Apart from its extraordinary halftime performances and cut-throat display of sports spirit, the event is remembered for one more reason: Commercials!And much like every event in the past, this year’s advertising was also disrupted by the pandemic, with big brands like Pepsi, Coke and Budweiser chickening out this time. CBS spent over two months to sell advertising slots for the game, with all major and minor brands stumping out $5.5 million for one slot of 30-seconds.Related: 'Put Bernie Anywhere' - Top Memes and Reactions of Bernie Sander! Weeknd's Super Bowl:Anyways, after a meme-generating halftime performance by The Weeknd, first-ever poetry recital and an impressive showdown of sports, Super Bowl commercials 2021 are here to pump up the after-party! And like always, parents are complaining about how good those commercials used to be when they were young! Well, your parents are not the only one passing opinions this time, the young Twitteratis have a lot to say about Super Bowl commercials, and obviously in the form of Memes!Here’s how fans react to Super Bowl 2021 commercials in addition to some best memes: So, what are your opinions about Super Bowl Commercials 2021? Let us know in the comment section below! While you enjoy these 25 most viral memes and reactions, don’t forget to like our Facebook page as we bring to you latest sports and entertainment updates from around the world!

Super Bowl 2021: Top 6 Talks of Social Media including Gwen Stefani, Miley Cyrus, Elon Musk, John Travolta, The Weeknd and others!

In the second round of the Super Bowl 2021, T-Mobile has returned with a highly anticipated commercial. The new ad gives us the reunion we desperately needed and maybe an inside scoop, too? Basically, the ad stars prominent The Voice Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Gwen Stefani, who started a unique friendship on the sets of The Voice. In the commercial, Gwen Stefani expresses her feelings to Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. She said: "I think I'm ready to start dating again. I'm sick of L.A. guys. I want someone completely different. Maybe from another country and someone cultured and sensitive and who's not threatened by a strong, confident woman."But it seemed as if he had terrible network at the time, because of which he heard something else. His version? Well he heard that she is sick of L.A. guys and wants someone completely country, uncultured, and someone who is threatened by a strong, confidant woman.Adam immediately replies that he knows exactly the kind of man she needs. He sets her up with Blake Shelton. He sets Gwen Stefani, an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and fashion designer with Blake Shelton. They meet at a romantic dinner date where Blake literally walks in wearing his signature jeans and buttoned-down flannel t-shirt. The commercial ends up reminding us that you just can’t trust any network when it comes to your love life. Gwen Stefani social media is running wild ever since. Anyway, the commercial seems funny because, in reality, they ended up engaged and are ready to be married. Don’t we all love Super Bowl commercials? Honestly, some people get excited just thinking about the celebrity love affair that they’ll get to witness at the event. Apart from our favorite duo, we saw the Hellmann’s ad starring Amy Schumer. She was supporting the brand’s mayonnaise in her own comical way.Next we also saw Drake starring in a State Farm ad. He was joined by Paul Rudd, Patrick Mahomes, and Aaron Rodgers – it seemed like a hilarious get together of good neighbors.  And the most talked about commercial of the entire show has to be of Cadillac Ad starring Timothee Chalamet and Winona Ryder. The Stranger Things actress reprised her role of Kim from Tim Burton’s iconic 90s film, Edward Scissorhands. She was joined by Call Me by Your Name actor, Timothee Chalamet, who reprised the role of Johnny Depp. There was also an Oikos Ad starring SpongeBob Square Pants and a bunch of NFL stars like Saquon Barkely, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Jalen Hurts, Devin White, Kendrick Bourne, Austin Jackson, and of course, the ruthless American Ninja Warrior competitor, Angela Gargano. The ad was to promote the Oikos Pro yogurt. In addition, there was a commercial starring Dr. Jill Biden and the First Dogs – Champ and Major. They got together for a commercial for Puppy Bowl XVII. The dogs appeared for an advertisment to emphasize on the importance of social distancing and following the SOPs even with dogs. There was also a Verizon Ad starring Samuel Jackson and JuJu Smith-Schuster, where they bragged about its super-fast speed and massive bandwidth. They also discussed the 5G Ultra Wideband and low latency of Verizon. Zayn Malik also made the cut! The pop singer promoted the Coor Lights and Coor Seltzer’s”Bug Game Commercial of Your Dreams”. In fact, he made an unlikely appearance on Instagram just a night before.  "OK, so I just woke up. It's about 3 o'clock in the morning and I had quite a cool dream, to be honest with you. I see like, this huge robot, a metal robot but he's made of Coors cans and he's was like, walking over the hills. And there's some streams and there's some rivers. To be honest, I didn't think it was going to work. I was quite skeptical. But actually, it worked. So now I told you my dream. You can tell me yours." – He said.  And one of our favorite commercials included David Beckham, Ryan Reynolds, and Diddy. They appeared together to extend support towards the bartending community.  Singer and record producer The Weeknd and American singer, songwriter, and actress Miley Cyrus made incredible appearances through their brilliant performances. Apart from this, The Weeknd was also seen in the Pepsi commercial, where a bit from his music video also makes the cut.  Honestly, it was incredible to see so many commercials and a collective effort from so many celebrities in one event. Which commercial is your favorite? The one with American actor John Travolta or the one with Elon Musk – the famous business magnate, industrial designer pioneer of SpaceX and engineer? Did you know that he was born on June 28, 1971? Doesn’t look like, right? We have to admit his social media is the best of the lot!For more information on Super Bowl 2021 and top 6 talk of social media runs, like our page on Facebook!     

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